I’m a Post-doctoral Research Associate at Lehigh University co-advised by
Dr. Bocchini and Dr. Padgett (Rice University). My research aims to advance intelligent infrastructure systems and improve community resilience through integrating cutting-edge techniques, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, and robotics.

I received my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Southeast University in Nanjing, China. I earned my Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering in August 2021 at the University at Buffalo.
My Ph.D. advisor is Dr. Teng Wu.


I will be joining Washington State University as Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental in Spring 2023. We will be doing research in the broad area of sensing and machine learning applications in structural engineering, wind engineering and resilience assessment. Research will be highly interdisciplinary at the intersection of civil engineering and other fields. Specifically, research topics will include four main areas: (i) Machine learning-assisted catastrophe modeling; (ii) Computer vision-based structural condition assessment; (iii) drone-based data acquisition and analysis; and (iv) bluff-body aerodynamics and structural wind resilience.

Please stay tuned for Ph.D. and MS position announcements. Feel free to reach out directly if you would love to learn about our research, collaborate or join us!